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Aerocom (M) Sdn Bhd

Country: [ Malaysia Malaysia ]

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Dalina Ibrahim

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Aerocom (M) Sdn Bhd
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Aerocom Component - Ankunftssignal Led Arrival Signal LED

Aerocom (M) Sdn Bhd

Contact Person :Dalina Ibrahim
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Aerocom Component - Ankunftssignal Led Arrival Signal LED

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Origin :     Malaysia
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   Product Description
Aerocom Pneumatic Tube Transport Systems offer substantial reduction in process time by providing a means for the rapid, frequent & secure transporting of essential items (such as components, specimens, blood samples, xray results, medicines, patient records, documents, billings/ payment, packages, parts, tools, instruments, and any item that can fit in an Aerocom container) to other departments whether near or far in seconds, saving considerable time and money for your company. The beauty is that this system can fit any application or business type, as it can easily be utilized in both existing buildings & new structures or projects.

Aerocom product can be used to interconnect several departments (like all Nurses Stations to the Pharmacy, OR/DR, ER, ICU, and Laboratories in a hospital; or your Storage Room to the Production Floor, or different departments in an office complex) throughout different floors and even multiple buildings. User places the object in an Aerocom canister, inserts it into an installed Aerocom station within the room, keys-in desired location, and the air pressure driven system sends it within seconds to the target area for the next step to begin.

Great distances are covered in a few seconds (up to two kilometers)! The system is also capable of connecting multiple stations within your compound.

How Does It Work?

-A pneumatic tube system consists of several main components:
-The blower produces pressure or vacuum.
-The material is transported in properly matching carriers.
-The selection of the target and the input of the filled carriers is made at the stations.
-For connecting all stations in a tube-network diverters are used. With these diverters it is possible to transfer a carrier in the network.
-For all this to work correctly, highly integrated controllers are used.

Aerocom System Control

AC 2 U

-Our simplicity and proven basic system.The solution for point to point application.


-An intelligent microprocessor controlled system that can link up to 99 stations. It offers automatic departure,advanced placement and queuing of a carrier while the system is in use by others.


-A PC controlled multi-zoned system which offers transaction auditing, automatic dispatch and system diagnostics. With transfer stations it can link up to 512 stations and 64 zones.


-The pneumatic tube systems for two way operation - for cash deposits and change supply. The single-zone system provide up to 50. All dispatches are displayed, reported and controlled.

No delays mean faster processing/ turnaround times, quicker results generation, improved operational efficiency, increased patient/ production volume, more satisfied customers, and greater profits for you, while giving you a better reputation for quality customer care and speed of services.
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Company Name : Aerocom (M) Sdn Bhd
Contact Person :
Dalina Ibrahim Reply Now!
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State : Selangor State Selangor (Find Hotel) (Weather Watch)
Country : Malaysia Malaysia
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Post Date : 11-May-2011
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